Introducing Steve Sokić

Steve Sokić joins Etcho's mission to seamlessly connect wealth with values. 

Etcho is thrilled to welcome Steve Sokić, a distinguished veteran in the wealth industry with 30 years of global experience, as an advisor to the board.  His unparalleled wealth of knowledge and a vast network cultivated over three decades will be invaluable as we look to grow Etcho’s client base of forward thinking wealth advisers, trustees and other wealth service providers. 

Steve brings boundless expertise, having served as a cross-border tax, wealth, and estate planning advisor at Deloitte for a decade, before dedicating almost 20 years to advising (U)HNW clients and leading global wealth providers including Royal Bank of Canada (International), Sanne Group plc (now part of Apex Group), and IQ-EQ. Now an independent advisor in private practice, with a particular interest in impact investing, as advisor to the board Steve brings not only extensive experience and diverse perspective to Etcho, this also marks another exciting new step for us, and importantly our clients.

On becoming an advisor to Etcho’s board, Steve says: 
“Most (U)HNW investors these days, including their family offices, investment advisors, bankers, fund managers, trustees etc, do genuinely want to do their part, especially via their investments, to addressing global climate issues and sustainability, but the tools on offer currently are few and inefficient. Whilst there are others globally focusing on ESG data & time-based/consuming consulting work, I haven’t yet seen Etcho’s unique tech driven, scalable and investor-focused offering. Etcho’s focus on starting with individual investor sustainability values to then drive assessment of their investment portfolios against those values, is not only customised/bespoke to individual investors, but is driven by a modern tech-driven scalable and easy-to-use platform so very much in demand now and going forward, driven primarily by shifting economic macros globally.  Put another way, I’m a big believer that the most efficient and timely way to address this world’s real climate and sustainability challenge(s) is via ‘climate capitalism’, which to have an impact, in turn requires persistent effort from governments, scientists, private businesses and perhaps most importantly, entrepreneurial new offerings such as Etcho.” 

When asked about the challenges facing wealth advisors today, Steve highlighted five significant global trends:

1. The real and proven climate issues we all face today.

2. Shifting attitudes and demand amongst (U)HNW investors and beneficial owners, especially in regard to sustainability and especially amongst younger generations.

3. The upcoming largest global inter-generational wealth transfer the world has ever seen.

4. New and emerging regulatory and fiduciary standards and requirements geared towards addressing sustainability.

5. The lack of easy-to-use, scalable and tech-driven solutions to address the above 4 trends.

He has identified a critical need for efficient tools that align investors' sustainability values with their investment portfolios, stressing the urgency for user-friendly, scalable solutions—a need that Etcho uniquely fulfils.

Simply put, if wealth advisors (including trustees, family offices, banks, institutional investors etc), do not find an efficient and profitable way to address the above challenges, they will lose clients and revenue, face regulatory issues and/or simply cease to exist

At Etcho, we value not only Steve’s vast experience but his shared passion for sustainability and complementary vision of the global wealth ecosystem that he brings to the team. We are thrilled to be welcoming Steve and leveraging his expertise and global network to enhance our offerings, and accelerate our impact in the realms personalised, values-based wealth management. 

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